Certified Leadership Development Coaching for Boosting Productivity of the Team

In every organization, when you have a leadership status, your professional career demands two things from you – maintaining that position and significantly impacting your organization. It would be best to sharpen your managerial abilities as soon as you attain leadership status. And to enter the substrata of people with such leadership skills, you will need a certified executive coach.

Executive team development allows their organization's leaders to develop strategies and a team environment that would enable the same leaders to lead their teams successfully. These sessions provided by Arvind Khinvesra are not limited to motivational speeches but instead focus on areas that need more work to polish and turn into solid points.

Leadership Presence

A leader is a man of action and not mere words. Executive presence contributes to the leader’s influence and drives impact and results through style, substance and character.

Leadership Presentations

As an executive, before presenting to the leadership, you must know the purpose, expectations and outcome. Coaches work in groups or one-to-one to help develop powerful presentation styles, which will impact the organisation’s transformation.

Custom Programs

Tailor-made programs (short workshops or long-term interventions) address unique organisational challenges to build the leadership value and ROI for the company.

What are the benefits of a Leadership coaching program?

The benefits one can get from executive Coaching depend on the skills of the coach in question. Some benefits of organizational development are:

  • It helps individuals to get used to the transition of leadership change or their company foraying into a new market.
  • It gives you a perspective to identify the individual and collective weaknesses of the organization and what you can do to re-correct the wrongs
  • Helps in improving the productivity of the team
  • It helps set goals on which your teammates can adapt themselves, resulting in personal growth. 
  • It grooms you into making better decisions. 
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Traditionally, executive coaching and leadership development were considered two different aspects. It was thought that executive coaching development was only for leaders. Because of this many companies sent their leaders for leadership coaching programs offsite.

There is a disadvantage to this approach. Since there is no leader, the productivity of the team is affected. That is why we have created a program that provides leadership coaching certification online so that you and your team can develop together and take on the mindset of a high-performance team.
Executive leadership coaching can be defined as a relationship between a client who has managerial authority and a consultant. The consultant uses different techniques to help the client achieve a set of predetermined goals which improves his/her work performance and the effectiveness of the organization where he/she is currently working.
A certified leadership coach helps clients to improve their self-awareness and develop new strategies. They provide clients with all the help they need throughout the coaching journey. By conducting one on one or group sessions, they help in achieving a set of predefined goals and suggest ways to overcome hurdles that might hinder the success of those goals.
Here are a few things you should take into consideration while looking for leadership coaching online

1. THE EXPERIENCE OF THE EXECUTIVE: Hire an experienced coach who has been there and done it.

2. STRATEGY: You have created a long-term goal and you need assistance achieving it in the best way possible. Look for a coach who has implemented successful strategies in the past. There are many different coaching methods and each has its own pros and cons but the crucial thing is that they can prove that it will succeed.

3. SOMEONE YOU WILL ENJOY WORKING WITH: Choosing a coach you will enjoy working with is one of the most important factors you need to take into consideration. You will get to know them better when you both have a one-on-one meeting. Are they someone who will help you reach your potential with rigor and compassion? Are they someone who is amicable yet focussed on helping you achieve your goals? That is the kind of coach you would ideally want.
Arvind Khinversa is a certified leadership coach in Mumbai. He has 22 years of experience working in globally recognized companies and is known to provide the professional leadership coaching in Mumbai.